• 1.   Every year about 40,000 people attempt to climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. They _ with them lots of waste. The _ might damage the beauty of the place. The glaciers(冰川) are disappearing, changing the _ of Kilimanjaro.   Hearing these stories, I'm _ about the place - other destinations are described as "purer" natural experiences. However, I soon _ that much has changed since the days of disturbing reports of _ among tons of rubbish. I find a _ mountain, with toilets at camps and along the paths. The environmental challenges are _ but the efforts made by the Tanzania National Park Authority seem to be _.   The best of a Kilimanjaro _, in my opinion, isn't reaching the top. Mountains are _ as spiritual places by many cultures. This _ is especially evident on Kilimanjaro as _ go through five ecosystems (生态系统) in the space of a few kilometers. At the base is a rainforest. It ends abruptly at 3,000 meters, _ lands of low growing plants. Further up, the weather _ - low clouds envelope the mountainsides, which are covered with thick grass. I _ twelve shades of green from where I stand. Above 4,000 meters is the highland _ : gravel (砾石), stones and rocks. _ you climb into an arctic-like zone with _ snow and the glaciers that may soon disappear.   Does kilimanjaro _ its reputation as a crowded mountain with lines of tourists ruining the atmosphere of peace? I found the opposite to be true.

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